Journal INSUFICIENCIA CARDIACA (journal on heart failure, cardiometabolism and pulmonary hypertension) is aimed to the following medical professionals: cardiologists, heart failure specialists, cardiology residents, clinicians, general practitioners, family physicians, clinical medicine residents, pulmonary hypertension specialists, cardiac transplant specialists, cardiovascular surgeons.
Its sections are: Consensus, Update, Original articles, Opinion articles, Review articles, Workshop on heart failure, Heart failure consultation, Experts opinion, Highlights, pulmonary hypertension, Clinical cases, Pharmacological update, Images in heart failure, Images in pulmonary hypertension.
Sus secciones son: Consenso, Actualización, Artículo original, Artículo de opinión, Artículo de revisión, Workshop de insuficiencia cardíaca, Interconsulta en insuficiencia cardíaca, Opinión de expertos, Highlights, Hipertensión pulmonar, Presentación de casos clínicos, Actualización farmacológica, Imágenes en insuficiencia cardíaca, Imágenes en hipertensión pulmonar.The submitted material must be original. Must not have been previously published or submitted to another publication before or simultaneously.

Submitted manuscripts must match “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals”:
Authors should clarify whether there is any commercial or economic relationship with any company whose products figure prominently in the submitted article, or if there is any competition with it.
References should be verified with the original source. The style of citation should match Index Medicus (authors, article name, name of the publication referred to, year followed by a semicolon, volume followed by a colon and number of first and last pages of the paper.
        - Example: Morris SA, Tanowitz HB, Wittner M, Bilezikian JP. Pathophysiological insights into the cardiomyopathy of Chagas’ disease. Circulation 1992; 82: 1900-1909.
        - For book references name all authors or publishers when six or less, when they are seven or more, write the first six and then add “et al.”
        - In case of a book by one author: Lee ET. Statistical methods for survival data analysis. 2nd ed. New York: John Wiley, 1989:162-75.
        - In case of a book chapter: Bleichrodt N, Escobar del Rey F, Morreale de Escobar G, Garcia I, Rubio C. Iodine deficiency: implications for mental and psychomotor development in children. In: DeLong GR, Robbins J, Condliffe PG, edI. Iodine and the brain. New York: Plenum Press, 1989:269-87.
        - In case of an editor: Rinck P, Petersen, Muller R. Introducción a la resonancia magnética nuclear biomédica. Editorial Canejo, Buenos Aires, 1986.
        - Abstracts citations must contain the reference “Abstract” within parentheses. When citing letters must appear “letter” or “carta” within parentheses, according to language.Requirements for submission of material are:

- Articles must be submitted in WORD program.
- Figures, tables, graphs, etc. must be sent in sequential numerical order. They must be submitted in PowerPoint, Excel, or be saved in the extension “.JPG” in the PC program Paint. Each must include a descriptive caption (heading).
- All manuscripts must include the following:

Author/s (name and surname)
Authors data (brief resumes of each: academic degree and institution to which they belong)
Name of the Institution where the work was carried on
Correspondence Address (Address, City, State, Zip, Email, Phone)
Keywords Conventional Index Medicus (three to five key words)

a- Original articles must be organized as follows:
Abstract (Spanish, English and Portuguese, if possible)
Material and methods

b- Review articles or conferences or monographs must be organized as follows:
Summary (Spanish, English and Portuguese, if possible)

c- Clinical cases must be organized as follows:
Summary (Spanish, English and Portuguese, if possible)
Case presentation (Background - Clinical diagnosis)

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