Update of diagnosis and treatment of heart failure of chagasic etiology
Luisa J. Giménez, Jorge E. Mitelman, Daniel J. Piñeiro, Federico Núñez Burgos, Ahmad Sabra, Gilson Feitosa, Wilson de Oliveira Junior, Felipe Nery Gervacio Fernández Chamorro, Roberto Blandón Calderón, Fernando Aguirre, Fernando Rosas Andrade, Juan Uriona Villarroel, Daniel Bulla Fernández, Nery E. Linárez Ochoa, José Luis Barisani, Analía Romero, Marcos González, Valery Melnikov, Ana María Macedo Linares, María Fernanda Buitrago Rodríguez, Ernesto Gutiérrez Perucho, Juan Justiniano Encina, Oswaldo Gutiérrez Sotelo, Rafael Bonilla, Ismael Guzmán Melgar, Claudia Almonte, Carlos Echeverría Frías, Iván Mendoza, Oscar Newton-Sánchez, Wistremundo Dones Figueroa, Andrea Simeone

Chagas disease is a important public health problem throughout America, extended worldwide, both by external and internal migrations, with heart failure being one of the most serious complications of chagasic cardiomyopathy, with severe repercussions on both the individual and his family, not only with involvement in the quality of life, but with a significant number of cardiological complications such as severe and complex arrhythmias, strokes and even sudden death. As well, It is expensive in medical treatments, hospitalizations, use of electronic devices; transplants, etc. A group of Latin American experts have made an update based on their experience accompanied by an important bibliographic review in order to update the usual clinical and complementary diagnoses and of high complexity, as well as the treatments currently available for this complication, and they must be adapted to the availability of health care centers.

Keywords: Chagas disease - Heart failure - Chagas cardiomyopathy - Latin America - Trypanosoma cruzi - Hospitalization - Mortality