The new echocardiography: handheld ultrasound device
The specialist's look
Jorge Tazar

Echocardiography is one of the complementary methods most used in cardiology and in particular in patients suffering from heart failure. The information provided by this method in this clinical scenario, serves both for the diagnosis and for the prognostic evaluation of our patients, and also allows us to objectify the response to the different therapeutic measures that we put into practice in our patients.
Currently there are "miniaturized" ultrasound devices that allow echocardiographic examinations at the patient's bedside or at the specialist's office. However, even the information that these devices can give us is incomplete.
In the future, surely, we will have abbreviated protocols for this subgroup of patients, with equipment that allows us to gather important information when judging the clinical status of our patients.

Keywords: Abbreviated echocardiography - Miniaturized ultrasound scan - Handheld ultrasound device - Echocardiography in heart failure