Epidemiological, demographic and nutritional transition
Underlying determinants of cardiovascular disease

Apart from cardiovascular risk factors (major and contributing), which are visibly identified and extensively studied by the international medical community, there are other cardiovascular disease determinants, the underlying ones such as the nutritional, demographic and epidemiological transitions, which are inextricably bounded together. These theories explain why humanity is currently experiencing a fertile ground for development, expansion and perpetuation of non-communicable chronic diseases. The nutrition transition is not a simple and obvious replacement of dietary habits and lifestyle, but a complex process where multiple causes converge and a range of possibilities from scarcity to wealth in the same region, social group and family can coexist. The nutrition transition in our country has a strong impact on public health, with disastrous consequences in its current situation and future.

Keywords: Cardiovascular disease; Nutrition transition; Demographic transition; Epidemiological transition