Pulmonary hypertension: the specialist opinion

Pulmonary hypertension is a disease with currently increasing relevance, poor prognosis and impaired quality of life of patients. The right heart failure is the end result of the remodeling in pulmonary vascular tree causing a hemodynamic state with sustained elevation of pressure in pulmonary arteries and the subsequent afterload increase. In recent decades, advances in our understanding of this disease, as well as new research has been able to provide information to make an early diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment. Both are the basis for change in the evolution of the disease, improving patient’s quality of life and survival. It’s also important to change the natural history of the disease, the knowledge of health team and the timely consultation with clinics and physicians with special trainee in management of these patients. This review aims to provide updated information, providing data to facilitate the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of these patients allowing a proper attention or, alternatively, make referrals to specialized referral centers.

Keywords: Pulmonary hypertension; Right heart catheterization; Hemodynamic parameters;Prostanoids