Cardiovascular system and hyperthyroidism
Study of a case

The thyroid gland and heart are closely related physiologically, a concept reinforced by the predictable changes of cardiovascular function in various thyroid disorders. To understand, diagnose and treatment of heart disease associated with hyperthyroidism is important to know the cellular mechanisms of action of thyroid hormones on the heart and smooth muscle cells. A case of a 40 year old woman was admitted with signs and symptoms of decompensated heart failure prevalence of right cavities. It was found that the degree of hyperthyroidism produced cardiovascular decompensation, atrial fibrillation, rapid ventricular response and pulmonary hypertension. In its evolution the patient euthyroid normalized cardiovascular parameters.

Keywords: Hyperthyroidism; Thyroid hormone; Cardiovascular system; Atrial fibrillation; Heart failure; Pulmonary hypertension