History of heart transplantation
"The triumph of wit"

The rapid advance of medicine leads frequently to naturally assume procedures that were unthinkable a few decades ago. Perhaps a paradigmatic example of this is heart transplantation in humans, which in little more than 40 years went from an entelechy to become an almost routine practice.
While many of the most illustrious actors in this process are creditors of editorials, essays and extensive biographies, this attempts to summarize the most important milestones of this course, both nationally and internationally, emphasizing not only the achievements, but also the vicissitudes that should defeat to reach the practice of heart transplantation with the standards that are currently known.
Finally outline some of the many questions and dilemmas surrounding this practice, which invariably will generate many advances in the field in coming years.

Keywords: Heart transplantation - Ventricular assist devices - Immunosuppression - History